Gate3 Assists Greetly with Native No-Touch App

October 12, 2020

During the age of social distancing, making everything as contactless as possible has become the new norm. School is now online, friends no longer shake hands or give each other hugs, and businesses prefer using cards instead of cash. Visitor management is no exception. With a pandemic still raging across the world, people can’t afford to do things the old way. Something as mundane as filling out a visitor log through a pen and paper (that other people have touched) now poses risks to those coming in to visit a business.

At Gate3, we are not only passionate about technology, but how technology can be used to change the world and help people adapt to a rapidly changing world. That’s why we took the opportunity to work together with Greetly in order to put together a new digital visitor management system, which also includes an option to check in without touching anything!

Instead of hiring a receptionist, businesses can use iPads in order to handle visitors. Once inside, visitors can choose which person in the business that they are meeting with, enter the purpose of their visit, and sign in with their name. Greetly will not only let the employee know of their visitor’s arrival, but can also keep a log of people who come to their business. The app can also capture pictures of the visitor, their signature, as well as non-disclosure agreements.

Additionally, visitors can check-in without having to touch a dirty piece of paper and pen. Greetly offers a contactless options where people can check themselves in through their phones. They don’t even need to download an app! This not only keeps people safe but is also convenient for everybody involved. All the visitor needs to do is scan a QR code and fill in the details with their own devices.

And speaking of COVID-19, contact tracing has been a major part of how societies keep track of this pandemic and mitigate the damages caused by it. If you are worried about a visitor coming in contact with a coronavirus patient or having a fever, Greetly makes contact-tracing much easier by keeping detailed records of who comes in and leaves your business.

Setting up Greetly is simple, taking only 10 minutes, and it can be easily customizable to whatever needs businesses have.

Gate3 has been assisting Greetly’s development by handling systems, software, web and mobile development. We mainly use Ruby on Rails, Postgre SQL, NodeJS, Hybrid Mobile Apps and React to put together this new way of checking people in.